Billy SantarsieroElder

    “My name is William Santarsiero. I am a committed husband, and father to three boys. Being their father is truly a gift from God. My passion for Wellspring Church is to see her restored to the place I met over ten years ago when my wife and I were first led by the Father to her doors. We call Wellspring home, no matter the circumstance. Our church is the ‘Wellspring of Life’. We wish to see this fulfilled through multiple generations to come. I long for, and labor towards the grace of Heaven here on earth. As such, I am willing to face the adversity of man’s failings as we labor in unison to see God’s covenant fulfilled as the result of man taking responsibility for stewarding God’s creation. We have been endowed by God and His leadership to see the Kingdom spread to all the corners of earth. I wish to see Wellspring not only as the ‘Wellspring of Life’, but also as the place where all people, regardless of human choice, or failure, can come to drink in the grace and blessing of our Lord Jesus as they lay their sins at the foot of His Cross. I am committed to honor our Heavenly Father by ensuring His people have a dedicated place where they can be assured accountability is guaranteed.”

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