Delores HarrisElder

“When I was asked to serve in the position of an elder, it was at a time of great uncertainty in my life. I always knew that God called me to Wellspring but was unsure in what capacity. I was seeking Him to know what He wanted for me as I was entering this new season of my life. Being offered the opportunity to become an elder was an answer to my prayers. Though I was unsure of what the position required, my heart needed a place to be of service to the people of God. Time has passed quickly and with sadness I know it is time to move on. My season as an elder has been one of growth, joy, pain, and, yes, tears but those hard times brought forth the most growth. With a full heart, my prayer is that I have served you well. I have such love for the people of God in this Body of Believers. I’m thankful for you, my pastors, and my colleagues and the level of love, respect, and trust we have for each other. I’m grateful to God and you for allowing me to serve on your behalf. Thank you for honoring and loving me. God Bless you all!”



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