Keith OsborneElder

    “My passion for Wellspring is to be a church where it is evident by those who attend that God is present and a church where there is compassion and unity among its members. Compassion is manifested by members caring for each other and caring for the community. Unity will be seen by members understanding each other’s differences with a goal of support and encouragement for each other. My unique gift is my sensitivity to people’s emotions and being able to see the big picture. I feel that God has placed a desire within me to be non-judgmental. I want to be one who brings clarity and understanding to decisions that the board will make with a goal to listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying. Personally, Linda and I have been married almost forty-eight years and have attended Wellspring for thirty-nine years. We have two sons and four grandchildren. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Linda and I work together in our Christian Counseling Ministry.”



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