I was invited to attend the UPRising event this past January in Jakarta, Indonesia as part of the multigenerational shepherding team [Editor’s note: See Pastor Zinn’s report of UPRising Jakarta 2019]. There I was introduced to the UPRising Europe leaders and again served a pastoral/shepherding role during the organizing stages, and during the event itself.

The UPRising Europe event was a 72 hour worship and intercession gathering. The call was For Worship, For Prayer, For a Continent. Around 250 attended, but the significant number is 26. 26 nations were represented, nearly all from Europe. It was powerful to join in to fervent prayer for each country represented in the tent. And it was revival stirring aroma to be led in worship by teams from all over Europe. Women from Iceland teamed with a Latino drummer from the United States and a guitar player from Malta. A family who runs a House of Prayer in Albania drove the 36 hours to lead worship for two hours and then I found them serving in the lunch line. A worship team from Russia was followed by Ukrainians. Unity that may not happen in politics and earthly government was occurring in worship and in the family-of-God oneness in the prayer tent.

As a pastor with seasoned missionary involvement and a world perspective, I am truly encouraged by the UPRising movement. It is the uprising of a generation of passionate worshippers determined to seek the God of hope for His hope to pour out on their nations, their generations, and their world. It is a movement that in their restlessness for the Kingdom is not dismissing others, but rather calling for a multigenerational covering and shepherding. It is a stirring that is completely organic and grassroots, yet focused and visionary. It is a work of the Holy Spirit.

For the full article click here http://pneumareview.com/for-prayer-for-unity-for-a-continent-united-prayer-rising-europe-2019/

For more information about United Prayer Rising and future events, visit www.unitedprayerrising.com


Wesley Zinn
Pastor, Wellspring Church
Berlin, Connecticut

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