Classes at wellspring

Adult classes at Wellspring are a brilliant way to learn more about God, his heart, and his Kingdom. Topics include studies on individual books of the Bible, and other helpful Christ-centered material to help strengthen and enrich our journey of faith.  Classes are held in-person at Wellspring, they are at minimal or even no cost, and also provide a great setting to develop relationships with others.  

Classes usually run in the fall and in winter/spring.  Current class opportunities will be listed below, along with schedule and registration information.


Wellspring Small Groups are about following Jesus together in a life-giving community. In groups, we develop deeper friendships and relationships as we encourage and support each other through fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. We seek to model and practice Relational Discipleship.
Some groups meet at Wellspring while others meet in the living rooms of their leaders. They meet on different days and at times to accommodate the schedule of the group.  Like the people that make them up, they all have different personalities and dynamics, but they are united in purpose: to follow Jesus together.
 We would love to help you find a place to belong in our Small Group community.
To find out more about joining a group, call the church office at 1-860-225-0661 or email us at

Women's Ministry

Women’s Ministry at Wellspring is a collaborative effort led by Andrea Smith to provide women with practical, spiritual enrichment as well as opportunities for connection and friendship.  We aim to serve God, serve one another, and serve women both near and far.  Some recent examples of ministry by and for women include classes to encourage intergenerational relationships among women, in-house times of worship and retreat, women’s Christmas tea gathering, interest groups, small groups and Bible studies.

Interested in joining our upcoming events? Send an email to


Did you ever wish you could gain a better understanding of God and the Christian faith, or share your faith with others in an easy, non-threatening way? The Alpha Course may be for you and for your family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers too!
Think of Alpha as ‘dinner and a movie’, where all are welcome to come for a light dinner, view a video of 20-25 minutes, and then participate in open discussion where skeptics are welcome, and all questions are encouraged...

For ‘Those Who Might Not Describe Themselves As Christians Or Churchgoers’

Alpha creates an environment of hospitality where we explore the Christian faith, ask questions, and share our point of view. Alpha makes it easy to invite friends and family to have spiritual conversations which explore life’s biggest questions in a safe and respectful way. Furthermore, Alpha is especially designed to welcome those who might not describe themselves as Christians or churchgoers, where the basic, life-giving truths of Christianity are shared and discussed, over 11 weeks in the Café at Wellspring.  Alpha is conducted twice per year at Wellspring.  Gatherings are held in both Spanish and in English.  Please contact the office for more information at

Why Would I Attend Alpha?

What Is Alpha?

Why Should I Invite My Friends To Alpha?

If you have a loved-one or neighbor you would like to invite, or even if you would like to strengthen your understanding of our faith, please email to be put on the list to attend the next Alpha course.