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What to Expect on Sunday Mornings

From worship to teaching the word of God, from friendly relationships to finding freedom in Christ, from coffee to kids' programs, Wellspring services are a genuine pursuit of God and His family.  Our desire is to create an environment that pleases the Spirit of the Lord to dwell, and is inviting to all - both believers in God, and anyone seeking Him.

Join us for Sunday Morning Worship Service at 10:00am - 11:30am.
Join us for a service with a heart of worship led by a live band.
Join us as we pursue a relationship with the living God as we explore the Word (Bible) with others in a comfortable setting.
All are welcome: Followers of Jesus and anyone just asking questions about God.
All are welcome: Individuals, families, kids programs - click HERE

A place to Believe, Belong, and Become


Wellspring is a place to Believe. We Live by Faith.  

Faith is much more than an understanding of what we believe, which we might call "the faith". Rather, if we live by faith, we put these truths into action, shaping our thoughts, actions, and lives. Living by faith defines our life in God’s Kingdom, providing security by what we believe rather than remaining adrift in a sea of questions and uncertainty (Ephesians 4:13-16).

Through teaching, discipleship, and even relational discipleship (what the Bible refers to as One-Anothering), Wellspring seeks to always provide a place to grow in our faith, and to put our faith into action:  A Place To Believe.


Wellspring is a place to Belong. We are Known by Love.

If faith defines the kingdom, then love fuels the kingdom. God's eternal hope for us was birthed out of his love. "For God so loved the world...", "We love God because he first loved us..." Love birthed the kingdom and love fuels the kingdom. As believers, as The Body of Christ, love drives us.  We seek to be known by love. Active faith causes us to love our neighbor as ourselves. Radical, sacrificial love.

In everything we do, Wellspring seeks to be known and fueled by love.  Our desire is that you will experience Wellspring as a place where you belong. 


Wellspring is a place to Become.  We are a Voice of Hope.

Drinking from the well of faith, active faith demonstrated through love, will always release hope. The voice of Jesus, his gospel, and his kingdom is hope, always hope. He brought hope to a hopeless world. Hope infuses meaning, significance, and purpose into a world in despair. We should be inspired by hope, we should inspire others by the voice of hope emanating from us.